Ernst Guenter Hansing leaves behind a significant artistic life's work. We consider the maintenance and dissemination of his art as our task.

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The exhibition 'Pictures of the Cross' which opened on April 11, 2014 at the Catholic Social Institute in Bad Honnef and the book of the same name (see literature) received a lot of attention.

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The 'Freundeskreis Ernst Guenter Hansing e.V.' founded in 2005 will continue to exist even after the death of Ernst Guenter Hansing and will fulfill its tasks according to its statutes. Without their financial support (donations from members), the realization of this website would not have been possible, among other things. Thank you.

Sonder-Kunstdruckauflagen sind erschienen:

„Vertikale Achsen“ und „Glut unter fallender Wolke“.

These 2 motifs are available in two sizes each (DIN A2 and DIN A1), signed by the artist on high-quality handmade paper in limited editions.

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The documentary about Ernst Guenter Hansing has been released:

The first documentary about the life and work of the total artist born in Kiel in 1929 and died in Rhoendorf/Bad Honnef in 2011, shows all the defining stages of his life and presents for the first time the entire spectrum of his artistic oeuvre.

His extraordinary portrait work is a unique gallery of personalities from politics, economy, art, and spiritual dignitaries of European dimension. The comprehensive presentation of his expressionist, abstract paintings, his sculptures, and glass art in public buildings and churches opens up the possibility of rediscovering this artist.

A vital humanism, intellectual and human openness, the ability to engage in dialogue with other people across inner and outer boundaries are the ethical milestones of Hansing as a European citizen and artist.

Conversations with contemporary witnesses, friends, companions, portrayed individuals, and family members complement the materials, images, and documents to create a multifaceted image of the person and artist.

The film, realized by the artists Manuela Zimmer and Harald Kühr, opens up a multi-layered perspective, a deeper understanding of artistic motivation, ways of thinking, and inner inspirations.

A film for everyone interested in contemporary events, culture, and the spiritual aspect in art.

The DVD is available through the filmmakers' website for purchase.

After the publicationof two publications about the works of E.G. Hansing in 2006 and 2007, the series continued in 2009 with the volume: „Konrad Adenauer in Bildnissen von Ernst Günter Hansing“. In 2010, this book series saw the release of the volume "Ernst Günter Hansing in Selbstzeugnissen" In April 2014, the book accompanying the eponymous exhibition at KSI was published "Ernst Günter Hansing-Bilder vom Kreuz". Now, in 2016, another book has been published in this series "Abstraktion und Abstahierung in der Bildsprache von Ernst Günter Hansing".

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'Ernst Guenter Hansing in selfreports'

(see also Literatur)