Ernst Guenter Hansing’s life and work can definitely not be categorised or understood in association with any one particular artistic trend or scene. It comprises a wide array of different techniques, from painting to graphic and plastic art, often putting the work of art into a wider architectural context. His oeuvre is particularly well known for its arresting, sometimes explosive, often visionary expressivity.

Born in Kiel in 1929 , Hansing received essential inspiration during his time as student of Fernand Léger in Paris and gained international recognition for his portraits of renowned public personalities such as German ex-chancellor

Konrad Adenauer, Papst Paul VI, Papst Johannes Paul II., Mutter Theresa, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Marc Chagall, Francois Mitterrand.

Hansing's works are permanently exhibited in public museums and private collections in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.